Use of a Tactical Decision Support System within the Ground Unit Commander’s Decision-making Process


  • Zbyšek Korecki University of Defence
  • Tomáš Hoika
  • Jiří Ulvr
  • Teodor Baláž



assigned means of air force, close air support, effect of ammunition on the target, experiment, MasaSword, simulation, tactical decision support system


The article presents an experiment performed in the MasaSword version 6.17.1 environment in evaluating the effectiveness of an attack on ground targets within a close air support mission to an opponent on the march or in a defensive position, or in an attack. The ground unit commander has performed an analysis of available firepower based on aerial reconnaissance and he decided to use the allocated aircraft with different types of ammunition. The key element is the effect of selected weapons and ammunition on the enemy’s targets according to the required level of target elimination. The article also evaluates the possibilities offered by the use of MasaSword in the decision-making process of the commander when making decisions.



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Korecki, Z., Hoika, T., Ulvr, J., & Baláž, T. (2022). Use of a Tactical Decision Support System within the Ground Unit Commander’s Decision-making Process. Advances in Military Technology, 17(2), 231–242.



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