Robot as a Member of Combat Unit A Utopia or Reality for Ground Forces?


  • Jaroslav Matejka Unmanned Solutions, Inc., Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovak Republic



after action report, armed UGV, autonomy of UGV, controls of UGV, force multiplier, mechanized infantry, restricted terrain UGV, urban operation


There is a perceptible scepticism around armed robot in combat units – the question whether to use it or not. The EOD robots (EOD – Explosive Ordnance Disposal) won their way to war theatre already, but other support assets on UGV platforms (UGV – Unmanned Ground Vehicles) need to be trusted in future, too. One of the reasons for distrust could be a discussion gap between researchers and infantry units on the lowest tactical level. The article tries to set simple demands throughout infantryman-eyes perspective and it outlines needs for the UGV in the mechanized / infantry units in a first part. The second part outlines basic technical and tactical specification as a challenging list for development teams. Finally, the third part proposes two notional AAR (After Action Report) reports of units using UGV for support. The article sets basic questions of themes as the autonomy and controls of UGVs and UGV in ISTAR systems (ISTAR – Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition Reconnaissance).


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