Analysis of the Impact of Hard PVD Coatings on the Abrasion Resistance of the Compressor Blades


  • Patrik Fördös Air Transport Department, University of Žilina, Slovak Republic
  • J. Čerňan Air Transport Department, University of Žilina, Slovak Republic



abrasion, blade, coating, compressor blade, erosion, jet engine, PVD


The article deals with the application of PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coatings onto the surface of compressor blades. In sandy or dusty conditions, compressor blades are the first obstacle for particles which are being sucked into the jet engine.  Compressor blades equipped with a protective layer should have greater resistance against erosive and abrasive damage. To support this theory, an empirical experiment had to be conducted. Based on the data acquired from the experiment, we were able to summarise the effectiveness of coatings applied.

Author Biography

Patrik Fördös, Air Transport Department, University of Žilina, Slovak Republic

Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering


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Fördös, P., & Čerňan, J. (2020). Analysis of the Impact of Hard PVD Coatings on the Abrasion Resistance of the Compressor Blades. Advances in Military Technology, 15(1), 85–95.



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