Effect of some Disturbance Factors on Falling Point Distribution of Unguided Rocket





CG offset, principal axes of inertia, thrust misalignment, unguided rocket


The paper investigates the individual and combined effects of disturbance factors including thrust misalignment, the offset of the centre of gravity and misalignment of the principal axes of inertia on falling point distribution of a type of unguided rocket (fin-stabilized rockets with single-stage solid-propellant rocket engines). The mathematical model used in the paper is developed from an available rocket motion model and solved for a representative rocket which is BM-21 rocket. The obtained results show dependencies of falling point deviation on disturbance parameters. These dependencies agree with the standard data given in the firing table; in addition, they are fuller and more insight ful than the previous research.

Author Biography

Ban Huu Le, Department of Weapons, Le Quy Don Technical University. Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

From 2016 to 2020, I was a Ph.D student at Czech National Defence University (Unob) and successfully defended my doctoral thesis.



LE, H.B. and P. KONEČNÝ. Effect of Some Disturbance Factors on the Motion Stability of Unguided Rockets. Advances in Military Technology, 2020, 15(2), pp. 405-423. DOI 10.3849/aimt.01379.

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Le, B. H., & Konečný, P. (2021). Effect of some Disturbance Factors on Falling Point Distribution of Unguided Rocket. Advances in Military Technology, 16(2), 199–217. https://doi.org/10.3849/aimt.01446



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