Experimental and Numerical Modal Analysis of the Military Vehicle Hull


  • Zdzisław Hryciów Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland
  • Andrzej Wiśniewski Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland
  • Piotr Rybak Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland




military vehicle, modal analysis, roving hammer, vibrations


This paper presents an experimental and numerical modal analysis of the military vehicle hull. Due to its adaptation to various weapon systems, it is necessary to conduct detailed tests. Computer simulations are a very useful tool. To ensure the reliability of the results, it is necessary to validate the models. The modal analysis was used in this work. It was carried out using the roving hammer method. Both natural frequency and mode shape were compared. The Modal Assurance Criterion was used for comparison. To determine areas of noncompliance, distributions of relative differences between experimental and finite element (FE) mode shapes were prepared. The presented results indicate a large convergence between the results of numerical and experimental analyses.


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Hryciów, Z., Wiśniewski, A., & Rybak, P. (2020). Experimental and Numerical Modal Analysis of the Military Vehicle Hull. Advances in Military Technology, 15(2), 379–391. https://doi.org/10.3849/aimt.01427



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