Mathematical Model of a Gas-Operated Machine Gun


  • V. D. Tien
  • Martin Macko
  • Stanislav Procházka
  • V. V. Bien



automatic weapons, gas-operated gun, internal ballistic


The article describes a thermodynamic mathematical model of internal ballistics in the barrel and in the gas cylinder of a gas-operated gun. In addition, this thermodynamic mathematical model deals with the mass flow of gas through the ring around the piston into the atmosphere. The thermodynamic mathematical model and the solution algorithm are validated and verified experimentally on the example of a 7.62 mm UK-59 machine gun and 7.62 x 54 R ammunition. The conclusions of this paper are applicable to the calculation and design of the machine gun gas propulsion structure for similar weapons with dust gas extraction.


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Tien, V. D., Macko, M., Procházka, S., & Bien, V. V. (2022). Mathematical Model of a Gas-Operated Machine Gun. Advances in Military Technology, 17(1), 63–77.



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