Analysis of the Released Plug Assembly Motion


  • Vladimír Horák
  • Jan Komenda University of Defence
  • Linh Duc Do University of Defence



The article is focussed on the quasi-dynamic analysis of the released plug assembly motion due to the acting fluid force. The request for this analysis is connected with the pressure testing of high-pressure valves. There exists a real danger of the failure of the plug clamping system causing the plug assembly to fly off. The hydrodynamic model of the problem describes the plug motion in three phases of fluid flow and was solved using the MATLAB code. Presented analysis enables us to understand how the plug assembly mass and dimensions influence the plug assembly fly off motion. Further, we can understand the effect of the test pressure and the valve inner volume. This analysis provides the input data applicable for the design of a restraint system, which is part of the testing box for high-pressure valves.

Author Biographies

Jan Komenda, University of Defence

Department of Weapons and Ammunition

Linh Duc Do, University of Defence

Student of Faculty of Military Technology




How to Cite

Horák, V., Komenda, J., & Do, L. D. (2013). Analysis of the Released Plug Assembly Motion. Advances in Military Technology, 8(2).



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